Secure Deal Policy

Secure Deal policy is an intermediate way for Traders & Suppliers So that they can hide their buyers and sellers from contacting each other.

What is the Purpose of this Policy?

The purpose of this policy is to protect traders and suppliers from lead leakage. Lead leakage occurs when buyer and seller of a trader/supplier bypass the trader/buyer and contact directly in the background. Due to lead leakage trader’s/supplier’s business effect in negative direction.

What is the benefit of following this policy?

Buyer and Seller will only come to trader/supplier for the next demand of goods. Hence trader earns good profit every time. So no lead leakage.


How the Deal will be Executed ?

1st Step: First of all Trader take sample of required material from us by paying us the sample amount as retail price. Then trader will get to pass the sample from the buyer. If the sample passed by buyer then we will go to second step , if not passed then process will be stopped untill sample passed by any buyer.

2nd Step: There are two methods of applying this 2nd step to this policy :

1) If trader/supplier has money : In this method  trader will buy from seller at the time of deal finalization. Seller will dispatch the material to trader and again trader can dispatch it to buyer.

2) If trader has no money: At the time of deal finalization trader give transport and labour charges to us. Trader will also provide next date cheque to us. Cheque will be of total amount equivalent to material loaded in transport. Seller will take the material to the near by public place in the range of 2 kilometers. Here the buyer of trader can check the whole material and pay the amount to trader. Then trader pay the amount to us(seller). Then our transport will unload the material at the place and exchange the invoices and eway bills . After the successful transactions cheque will be returned to trader immediately. This way the whole deal will be closed securely.

Secure Deal Policy

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